MyDatabase Pilot

MyDatabase Pilot is a browser based GUI for MySQL databases, written in ColdFusion. It allows for easy navigation and interaction with the structure of your database. Should you wish to use it with other databases or port it to PHP/JSP/ASP, join the team.

As you can see, we recently registered this project. And we are in early stages of planning and Pre-Alpha Release. As MyDatabase Pilot evolves, so will this Home Page. For now please enjoy our limited resources below, and feel free to join the team in developing MyDatabase Pilot.

Project's Group Page

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CVS, Concurrent Versions System, is a tool used by many software development teams to store their source code in a centralized location. CVS allows everyone to obtain a copy of this source code (i.e. read-only access) and allows developers of the software to also make changes to the source code stored in that central location.

You can access our CVS either through a web interface, or by downloading a CVS program such as WinCVS. Only developers will have write privilages on the CVS.

You can find more information on CVS here.

Developer Guidelines

We will provide a guideline shortly, on what is expected of Developers as far as writing code. (ie. Indentation, comment style, etc.)

Mailing Lists

These will be added shortly. Logo